We are a recognized Mexican tourism agency located in the Riviera Maya area, well known for providing the highest quality, most fun recreational activities. We can’t wait to share with you all the magic of our beautiful surroundings. While tourism plays an important role in sustainable development in our country, our mission is also to prioritize environmental conservation during all recreational activities.

The activities that we organize are transformative, unique experiences and are always customized by our guides, in order to offer personalized attention to each and all of you. We look forward to surprising you with all the magic and beauty that hide behind the amazing and rich culture of this area of Mexico. Riviera Maya, the best that Mexico has to offer, is a paradise unlike any other.

Get to know our Tours

Tulum Express

This is the perfect tour for those wishing to experience a part of Mayan culture while giving you the opportunity to perch on a clifftop and overlook the most beautiful panoramic views of the Mexican Caribbean coast.  You will enjoy this experience at the ideal time of the day when the weather is comfortable, maximizing your experience in a very relaxing and enjoyable way.

Tulum Cenote

One of the best and most popular experiences, Tulum Cenote tour, is an activity that combines city sightseeing, swimming, snorkeling and learning about Mayan history, in a full day package. During this tour, you have the opportunity to discover more than a city. The history and the Mayan culture that comes with it and after taking you through the Tulum ruins from the  ancient civilization and all the incredible historical sites. The tour ends with a swim at Cenote Caracol, a beautiful cave, a treasure itself, where you can swim and snorkel in the amazing blue clear waters, which will transform you to feel renewed, relaxed and also energized. This magical place, a dream paradise spot will excite you and make you want to stay forever.

Cobá Express

Are you listening to the call of the ancestors? You are about to discover one of the most influential Mayan cities in Central America.  The best thing is about to happen when visiting one of the tallest pyramids discovered so far! Get ready to discover and to be fascinated by so much history along with so much ancient Mayan architecture that will lead you to feel an overwhelming presence of the past civilization. Here you can explore the observatory, a ball game and enjoy many more “Maya’gical” things along with awesome views over the Mayan jungle below.

Cobá Cenote

You will feel reborn again once you jump in the water from a swimming platform located at the end of a beautiful and unique wooden carved staircase. The Cenote has the most crystalline and refreshing waters inside a huge cave. Artfully illuminated, it will excite you with a unique show and stunning surroundings. After a walk through the ancient architecture of the city, you’re welcome to savor a relaxing swim in these magicals waters.

Sian ka`an

Meaning “Where the sky is born”. During this tour you will get to know best kept secrets in the Sian Ka`an Biosphere Reserve. And to  experience     x different ecosystems and their importance for wildlife in the Mexican Caribbean.We will go in search of manatees and observe them in their natural habitat, we will    watch crocodiles and diversity of birds, also appreciate the connection between the lagoon and the Caribbean Sea with beaches of unparalleled beauty, ending the experience by sailing through the Mayan channels  canals to reach the point where we get off the boat to walk through the extensive wetland to reach the point where we can see a Mayan ruin with great importance for the commerce of the time. You will not leave this place without jumping into the water in the impressive “floating river” that will take us back to the boat while  enjoying its refreshing and relaxing crystal clear waters.

Tulum Cobá Cenote

With No doubt   this Tulum  tour , is  a  unique experience getting you  to visit the    incomparable city of Coba on the shore of the Mexican Caribbean, well known by    its huge pyramid, observatory, ball game and its very important function as a distribution center. The tour will end  with one  of most popular cenotes in the area, where we can cool off in its crystal clear waters that will refresh and energize your body and soul, Yes just like that! A perfect combination of culture and relaxation to make it an unforgettable day.


During this tourYou will be amazed and impressed ,   by the t  beauty of a Mayan city recently opened to tourism which draws everybody’s attention by   its architectural decorative details   of all surrounding   buildings, immersed in the jungle, south of Tulum.his archaeological zone will   take you through history and mysteries of   México while also walking through the dense jungle and wetland that will allow us to reach an observation tower from where we can admire the imposing vegetation and part of the Sian ka`an biosphere reserve.

Cenote Diving

Get to know the mysticism of the crystalline waters of the cenotes with the most adventurous certified divers.  Dive through this intricate labyrinth of caverns, tunnels and underground caves and get to experience the impressive cenotes  and the system of underground rivers. You will be allowed to enjoy the ecosystem from a different point of view. There is a great variety of cenotes suitable for diving and for all kinds of experience levels in this activity. You will be surprised how clear and still these waters are very little current allows us to do this activity in a very relaxed way. Always accompanied by an expert guide in the area, small groups and never exceeding safety limits, this experience will take your diving to the next level leaving  you even more in  love with the underwater magic .

Private Exclusive Events

Let us  make  your experience in the Mayan Riviera  even more exciting  by  taking  you  to  a magical place where you can enjoy space, history, exquisite food cooked by  professional chefs, and refreshing drinks prepared by our expert baristas, all of course along with    the snorkeling experience, zip lining  diving.  The popular Mayan purification ceremony and many more exciting adventures that will make your day truly special and unique. You will receive personalized attention from our staff at all times because the most important thing for us will always be your satisfaction.

Cenote Snorkeling Experience

During this incomparable experience we will take you to visit some of the most incredible sites of the area.  Join us to learn more about the history and importance of these “sacred holes” from  ancient times, and admire their crystal, clear and refreshing waters, with excellent underwater visibility Guided by our tour leaders you will get to witness   thousands of rock formations that solidified through times, such as stalactites, stalagmites and beautiful tall columns, adding even more excitement to this unique adventure.

Chichen Itzá

This city was without a doubt the most important of the post-classic mayan civilization, declared a world heritage site by unesco in 1998 and one of the new wonders of the world in 2007, standed out as a cultural and political center of the mayan civilization and was one of the most extensive settlements in the yucatan peninsula. During this visit, we will go in to admire its beauty and it’s very interesting constructions, always with the company of a local guide expert in its history.

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