Sian Ka’an

Meaning “Where the sky is born”. During this tour you will get to know best kept secrets in the Sian Ka`an Biosphere Reserve. And to  experience     x different ecosystems and their importance for wildlife in the Mexican Caribbean.We will go in search of manatees and observe them in their natural habitat, we will    watch crocodiles and diversity of birds, also appreciate the connection between the lagoon and the Caribbean Sea with beaches of unparalleled beauty, ending the experience by sailing through the Mayan channels  canals to reach the point where we get off the boat to walk through the extensive wetland to reach the point where we can see a Mayan ruin with great importance for the commerce of the time. You will not leave this place without jumping into the water in the impressive “floating river” that will take us back to the boat while  enjoying its refreshing and relaxing crystal clear waters.

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